Car Maintenance: Taking Care of the Brakes

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Is It Time For New Piston Rings?

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Your vehicle’s engine is a complex system of mechanical components. Many of these components are in constant motion when your vehicle is in use. Proper lubrication is required to prevent friction damage and to keep the engine in your car or truck from overheating. Pistons are responsible for regulating oil distribution in your engine. Over time, the piston rings that provide an airtight seal can deteriorate. Be on the lookout for these three signs that it might be time to install new piston rings in your vehicle’s engine: Read More»

Outfitting Your Truck For A Fishing Trip

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Fishing is more fun and exciting when you have the right gear, and that means more than bringing along your rod and reel. With the right truck accessories, you can get more out of your fishing trips. Here are some unique ways to outfit your pickup truck for your next fishing trip. Bumper-Mount Rod Racks Whether you are fishing with a group of friends or you have several favorite rods, a bumper-mount rod rack can be the perfect option for your truck. Read More»

Do You Need A Specialist For Truck Repairs?

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In almost all facets of life, DIY has become a popular option to professional service. The assumption is that it will save you money. A word of caution though; when it comes to truck repair, there is a lot you can do yourself but some repairs are better left to the specialists.   What You Can Do Yourself Replacing Lights You can follow your owner’s manual. Most of the time, all you need is the right screwdriver and the right light bulb. Read More»

Comfortable Driving With Vigilance And Care - Signs You Need A New Drive Shaft

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The freedom and flexibility of the open road can be extremely exciting, but that excitement may turn to confusion if you aren’t comfortable assessing your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Most people are able to determine when something doesn’t feel right with their car or truck, but they may not have the next level of knowledge that can allow them to identify the specific issue in need of repair. Your drive shaft plays a crucial role in the operation of your vehicle, and it also displays some unique signs when it’s in need of replacement. Read More»

The Lap Of Luxury: Making Your Rig Feel More Like Home With Custom Installations

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When you’re out on the road, the minutes melt into hours sometimes. As a long-haul driver, you probably spend weeks at a time on the road, driving each day across the wonderful and varied landscape that is the American highway system. You’re a worker who serves an important role in how this country functions—and you deserve to do your job in comfort. What started as just a motor and a flatbed on wheels has grown into something quite amazing. Read More»

5 Tire Traumas That You Should Check For Regularly

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Many drivers don’t pay any attention to their tires until they become low on air or even go flat. However, checking your tires on a routine basis for signs of possible problems can save you a great deal of inconvenience as well as help keep you and your family safe while on the road. While some signs of tire trouble are obvious, such as a large bulge in the side of tire or a noticeable leak, other subtle signs exist that it may be in your best interests to have your tires checked. Read More»

How To Service Your Brakes In 5 Easy Steps

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You use your vehicle every single day. For this reason, it’s important you make sure your vehicle operates safely. Without a doubt, the most important safety component built into your vehicle is your brake system. Without a properly maintained brake system, you risk causing an accident at every single stoplight or intersection you encounter. Replace your brake pads and rotors by following these five easy steps whenever your brakes show signs of wear: Read More»

3 Car Features That Make Winter Driving More Enjoyable

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If you love taking a long, scenic drive to unwind after a long work-week, then you may cut this drive out during the cold, snowy winter that turns long drives into chores instead of relaxing experiences. If you live in a cold, snowy area of the country, then you choose a vehicle that makes you feel safe in the winter, so why not choose one that keeps winter driving enjoyable as well? Read More»

How To Prepare For An Auto Accident Before It Occurs

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When was the last time that you were in a car accident? If it’s been about ten years, then you’re probably about due for one – the average American driver has an accident about once every ten years. The problem is that’s often enough that you can expect to have at least a few accidents throughout your adult life, but it’s rare enough that you aren’t prepared when it does happen. Read More»