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Outfitting Your Truck For A Fishing Trip

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Fishing is more fun and exciting when you have the right gear, and that means more than bringing along your rod and reel. With the right truck accessories, you can get more out of your fishing trips. Here are some unique ways to outfit your pickup truck for your next fishing trip.

Bumper-Mount Rod Racks

Whether you are fishing with a group of friends or you have several favorite rods, a bumper-mount rod rack can be the perfect option for your truck. These racks attach to your front bumper and grille temporarily so they can be used throughout your trip and removed when you're ready to head home. They typically feature a row of tubes, which can be used to store your fishing rods overnight or while you are taking a break from the angling action. If you want a more permanent rod storage option, you can also purchase racks designed specifically for your truck bed.

Bed-Width Coolers

You'll also need a place to store the fish you catch, and a bed-width cooler offers the perfect solution. You can choose from durable metal coolers or temporary Styrofoam designs to meet your needs. These coolers come in the perfect size to fit across your truck bed, offering plenty of room to store fish big and small. You can also find smaller coolers that fit neatly over the wheel well of your truck bed, providing additional food and beverage storage options without taking up a lot of room in your truck.

Bed Tents

Of course, your pickup truck can double as your camp site, too. Truck bed tents install directly over the bed and attach to the outer frame of the truck, providing shelter for you and another person. These tents also come in extended sizes to fit beyond the truck bed to create a second room on the ground behind your vehicle. Be sure to pair your bed tent with an inflatable mattress designed for use in pickups so you have a cozy place to sleep after a long day out on the water.

Tow Hitch

If you are bringing your own boat along for your fishing trip, a tow hitch is essential. Be sure to choose a hitch that offers enough strength to safely tow your boat, and consider having it professionally installed for added safety. If your truck already has a tow hitch, take the time to learn how it attaches to your trailer so you can ensure your boat will stay securely attached as you motor down the highway in search of that big catch.

Visit your local hunting or sporting goods store for more inspiration, and gear up for your next big fishing trip. Companies like Brad's Trailer Supply can offer more information.